maybe you should watch Bruce Lee,My Brother when Aarif Rahman (who was born to Malaysian father and Hongkonger mother) who played Bruce Lee in early years

Yes, I watched this movie in the last year, I just loved, portrayed the life of Bruce in a way different from all other movies of him.
He showed his relationship with family, friends, was very nice.

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If you have a tumblr related to Brandon Lee or The Crow, and want to be partner of my blog, send me an ask with the link of your Tumblr. Thank you! :)

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hey, i made a bruce lee tumblr, belike-water, if you're interested. :)

Thank you, I’m following your blog *-* Want be partner of my blog? Can I put the link of belike-water in my tumblr?

This is best blog in my life!!!. you make Bruce and Brandon in Motorcycle

Thank you for the ask, and glad you liked the blog <3

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Thank you <3

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I just fell in love with your blog.

Thank you <3

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i just wanted to say thanks for your hard work. i mean, all these gifs and graphics are still the best ones on tumblr. so, thank you:3

I went through hard times here, and I thought about delete the blog, but because of the love of followers for this blog, I kept the blog active, thank you! <3